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60% of physicians say bureaucratic tasks contribute to burnout. The bureaucratic tasks never end because patients get scheduled without proper priority. Don’t waste your expertise and training on patients who just need a script. Kill the mountain of paperwork by just seeing patients who need surgery. A healthy practice has high conversions and only needs a few surgical patients a day.

A healthy practice needs high conversions and only a few surgical patient a day.


Physician Burnout is Real and It's Misunderstood

Our Physician Burnout Calculator will help you understand the root cause of your burnout.

Calculate how far away you are from a less stressful practice

Physician burnout is an epidemic that poses serious challenges to patient health and is breaking the healthcare system.

What happened to the relationship with patients that used to make medicine worthwhile?

The system creates long days with a packed schedule and puts out elective surgeries weeks longer than necessary.

Use our calculator to see how far away you are from a less stressful surgical practice.


Physican Burnout Calculator

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We think life is better if you do more surgeries and less medical management.

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Better Surgical Patients

These are proven methods to bring in more high quality surgical patients so you can do more surgeries and less medical management

Below are a few ways we can drive in more patients

  1. Finding Great Patients

    We know where they are

  2. Tee’d Up For You

    Your staff is too busy

  3. Scheduled Hassle Free

    You can’t handle another app

  4. Data That Matters

    All about scheduled surgeries


Tools and resources you can use to get started even faster and progress even further.

We fix this universal problem. Patients can’t find the expert they need or navigate the system quickly. We’re rethinking everything. Elite surgical care built on great communication.

  1. DocFinderPro

    We think docfinders are so important we built our own that works better

  2. Nemedic

    Patient communication is so important we redesigned the whole process to make it better

  3. Referrals

    We build great referral relationships and help you avoid ones that just dump on you

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About the Founder

Brad Bichey, MD

I’ve always believed that the need for reform is best understood by those working in it. As an Otolaryngologist in private practice since 2007 I understand that burnout is really the result of a dysfunctional and often chaotic healthcare system. The solutions out there now simply don’t work because they aren’t being designed by those working on the front lines.

I started Nemedic to bring surgeons out of burnout and help them focus on profitability instead of red tape. I believe sick patients need to be able to find skilled surgeons and schedule more easily. Let’s work together to see more surgeries, and do less medical management.

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Disclaimer* Individual results may vary due to variance in practice conditions and patient mix goals. This does not claim to represent actual results and is not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.